Images from the 2020 DPI of the Year Competition

Cuckoo landing on a stick - Mary Pears
Sails - Anna Dagger
Leaping Red Squirrel - Mary Pears
Friendly Saxon - Anna Dagger
Otter Island - Anna Dagger
Unnamed - Roger Alder
Imposter in our midst - Grete Howard
Bofiddle Rock - Carole Bourton
Anyone for tennis? - Grete Howard
Chinese lanterns - Ann Belcher
Move over - Bob Cross
Bursting out - Grete Howard
Tulip demise - Bob Bishop
Marbled White - Ken Hunt
The Swan - Bob Cross
Newly emerged Southern Hawker with exuvia - Mary Pears
Decorating - Mike West
Fatsia - Bob Bishop
Speckled Wood - Ken Hunt
Tulips - Anna Dagger
© All images subject to author copyright
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