The aim of the committee is to ensure that the club functions successfully.

Below is a summary of the key responsibilities for each committee post:


• Co-ordinate the activity of the Club
• Chair weekly meetings
• Check with committee that everything is in place
• Lock and unlock W.I. Hall
• Know the speaker, qualifications and background
• Arrange for the vote of thanks
• Meet and greet the speaker on arrival; see to any needs or queries
• Deal with queries from members

[N.B. these duties may be delegated to Vice Chair or other Committee Member]
• Call and Chair meetings as and when necessary
• Attend WCPF AGM and Council Meeting each year [as one of the two Club delegates]
• Report to AGM in October
• Liaise with Secretary on activity and way forward for the Club

Vice Chair

• Shadow, support and deputize for Chair in all duties, to gain experience to become Chair
• Action one-off projects not covered by other members
• Report to AGM: Liaise with Group Leaders
• Liaise with Chair and Secretary on activity and way forward for the Club

Maintain and present the accounts of the Club
• Manage Bank Accounts

• Ensure compliance with the following fiscal rules:-

  • All payments by cheque shall be signed by any TWO of the following designated Committee members 

    • Chairman

    • Treasurer

    • Secretary

    • Other (a designated committee member that has completed the bank's signatory form)

  • Transfers between the Deposit/Savings Account and the Current Account shall require authorisation of any ONE of the following designated Committee members 

    • Chairman

    • Treasurer

    • Secretary

    • Other (a designated committee member that has completed the bank's signatory form)

  • The Treasurer shall use the club Debit Card normally for online transactions only,  provided that prior approval has been agreed by at least ONE of the other designated committee members (see above).

  • The Treasurer shall not commit the club to expenditure that exceeds the clubs assets.

• Recommend any changes as necessary which would benefit the Club
• Collect Subscriptions and bank the money
• Collect Door Money and bank the money
• Maintain database of weekly attendance
• Pay Speakers’ and Committee’s expenses
• Pay WCPF Membership
• Arrange annual insurance for equipment and public liability
• Pay entry fees to Competitions and Exhibitions

Maintain and be main contact with WCPF and PAGB; attend meetings with Chair as second delegate; distribute WCPF Directories and PAGB Handbook to appropriate Officers [Chair; Programme Secretary; Internal and External Competition Secretaries;]
• Notify Club and Committee of Meetings: prepare Agendas, Minutes of previous meetings and take minutes
• Maintain Archive
• Maintain notice board including weekly print-out of information on members’ area of website
• Reply to e-mail correspondence
• Make hall/venue bookings
• Liaise with Chair /Vice Chair/Membership Co-ordinator re activity and way forward for the Club

Programme Secretary

• Liaise with the Internal Competition Secretary re competition dates
• Liaise with Internal and External Competition Secretaries re judges and speakers
• Liaise with group leaders
• Book speakers at least a year in advance, using the current PAGB and WCPF Handbooks and e-mail updates for reference as well as suggestions by members and other photographic societies' programme secretaries.
• Contact speakers 3 weeks before event as a reminder and a few days before to confirm all details and any changes
• Arrange emergency back-up in event of loss of speaker
• Notify Committee and Helpers of speaker’s requirements a week before, so that hall may be set up as to speaker’s needs
• Write thank you letters (usually emails) after the event
• Collect feedback from members for future planning


External Competition Secretary

• Encourage and arrange for members to enter external WCPF and interclub competitions. Organize selection panels for these
• Arrange judges for home fixtures
• Report results on website and notice board

Internal Competition Secretary

• Liaise with Programme Secretary to set dates for Competitions
• Liaise with Programme Secretary and External Competition Secretary re Judges and speakers
• Organize and run The Sheila Briggs Trophy & The Dick Drake Challenge Cup, Nailsea Town Council Trophy, Print and DPI of the Year Competitions
• Book Judges
• Record, log and set up computer files to run competitions
• Get entry to Judge 2 weeks before Competition
• Check Judge is coming a few days before
• Return entries after event, publish results on website and notice board
• Write thank you letter to Judge
• Collect feedback from members

Committee Member 1 : Website

• Manage BCC e-mail addresses with web management company
• Maintain website: weekly update of Members’ Area including communication from Committee Members and individual members.  Deletion of out of date items.
• Update Competition results obtained from Competition Secretaries
• Update Members’ Images, encourage contributions regularly, change pictures throughout website regularly.  Remove images where people are no longer paid up members.
• Update entries for Groups as provided by Group Leaders

• Change the password each year in September.  Members to be given the new password when they enrol.
• 2 to 3 times a year check the accuracy of all text on website

Committee Member 2 : Health and Safety

• Check the Hall for safety at the start of each meeting: Ensure FIRE ESCAPE door in kitchen is unlocked; the rear FIRE ESCAPE gate padlock is unlocked; the heating is correctly set for the time of year; all electric wires are encased in rubber strip or taped to the floor
• Give safety briefing at first meeting and whenever new members/visitors are present to ensure members know where fire exits and assembly points are
• Check Hall at end of meeting prior to locking up by Chair: Ensure FIRE ESCAPE door in kitchen is locked; the rear FIRE ESCAPE gate is padlocked and the key returned to its location; Lights are switched off in chair/table locker rooms, kitchen, Ladies toilet, Gents Toilet , all hall lights are off, all windows are shut, all club equipment is locked away

Committee Member 3 : Membership Co-ordinator

• Maintain Database and contact with New Members. Send out Welcome Letter to new members.
• Prepare Membership Forms for Open Evening in September
• Liaise with Secretary

Committee Member 4 : Publicity

• Programme press release

  1. On the 20th of the month prepare press release for the month starting 5-6 weeks ahead

  2. Use email addresses for the press as handed on from previous publicity secretary

  3. Extract the month's programme from the Club web site and reformat it into a press release (see previous examples).  Add a little additional information (and spin) as necessary to inform and attract new members. If necessary consult the programme secretary for additional information.

• Publicise club activities which the press are likely to print with a photograph of the event.
• Look out for additional activities to publicise the club and facilitate through the committee the actions needed.