A FUTURE PHOTOSHOOT  -  Early Announcement

RSPB Ham Wall Murmuration Photoshoot

Date will depend upon weather


Ham Wall is a great wetlands site near to Glastonbury.


At this time of year Starlings gather in their 10,000 - 100,000's and put on an absolutely memorable performance as the swoop and circulate as they prepare to roost for the night in the reeds.


On a recent trip there with Jo Shepherd we witnessed around 50,000 birds that evening. The numbers were supplied by the RSPB wardens who said that by Christmas there will be around 1,000,000 birds. It is such a wonderful sight that I couldn't help but laugh and giggle!   We felt this event would offer a very different photoshoot for the group. 


The spectacle lasts about 30 minutes at dusk and so it might seem that it might not be worth the trip - wrong - it is so worth it!  Nevertheless I suggest that we mount 2 waves of travellers. One to spend a long time there to photograph some of the many birds on the site and one for those who just come down for the murmuration.


WHEN? - this will depend upon the weather. No point in going down there when it is cloudy or rainy.  So this shoot will be announced at a couple of days notice.  It will be important for all interested parties to register along with contact number so that we can ring around to make sure everyone is aware of what's going on.

Ham Wall is about an hour from Nailsea. The SatNav will be able to get you there with the post code BA6 9SX.   For non RSPB members, parking is £1.50 per car for up to 2 hours; £3 per car for all day. Members parking is free.



  • For the murmuration, you need only have a short lens, say 20-70mm, but even a compact camera would produce good images. Longer lenses like a 70-200 are fine, but probably not at the 200mm end.  Hey, you can even just stand there and absorb the spectacle without taking a picture!

  • For the rest of the site I would recommend the longest lens you have. Probably 300mm or longer. Alternatively just bring binoculars and enjoy the view.

  • The site can be a bit boggy in places, so walking boots or wellies are recommended.

  • Wrap up warm - even on sunny days it will be cold out there at dusk.

  • For those coming for the longer visit I suggest you bring flasks and sandwiches.

  • There are toilet facilities at the car park.


So please register your interest in Dropbox or by emailing me  randb@blueyonder.co.uk.

Richard Bedwell