During the September meeting the group had a good discussion over the direction that the group should look to proceed. I was concerned that I may be getting stale as group leader. So if any you have ideas how we can improve our photography, please let me know. Indeed, if anyone wishes to have a go at running the group, please step forward! Below are some bullet points from the meeting which give the group some food for thought and what members were looking for from the evening. If any of you out there who weren't at the meeting, but would like to comment please let me know, I'm open to all suggestions.

  • To share work with some critique to keep the learning process going, it may help to find out what we don't know!!

  • Confidence builder re: showing our images

  • Opportunity to look at other members images and to see what they were trying to achieve and to invite comment.

  • Some members were interested to know what other thought about their images.

  • To see images for Inspiration and to make a member think about their own photography.

  • To help improve their own technical skills both with camera and software.

  • To learn something on each occasion no matter the subject.

  • Enjoy showing their images and encourage direct feedback.

  • Opportunity to see something new.


There is no set subject for the foreseeable future, but we did agree that Dpi's should now be limited to a maximum of six per member. The spirit of the group is to help each other to improve our photography. So if you are re-visiting older images please explain, when we show them, the direction you are taking and what you are trying to achieve. Remember the 'Elephant's Child' by Rudyard Kipling (03B in the notes).....


Another request------ Please put your images into Dropbox by midnight on the SATURDAY before our meeting.


Also just a reminder, please please double check your image sizes and format before you copy and paste into dropbox (1400 x 1050pix Jpegs). Any other format produces huge files which will use up space in dropbox.

We agreed not to set a challenge subjects and see how things developed.


Please! Please! Do go out and photograph material that interests you and try to develop your own projects. The group would like to discuss the images for their technical and artistic merit as well as amusement value.


If you have your own project work, Dpi or prints, we would like to see and discuss them.

Future Presentations and Training Sessions

If there are any topics that you would like to see covered in future Practical Group sessions, or if you would like to volunteer to prepare and present on any topic, please let Pip know,

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