The club's requirements relating to sizing and presentation of DPIs (digitally projected images) are to ensure that the quality of the images projected is the best that is can possibly be.  The club's projector is colour calibrated and the quality of projected images will be optimised when image files are presented at the correct size and in the correct colour space.

All images are projected in a landscape format that is 1,400 pixels wide and 1,050 pixels high.

Whatever the aspect ratio of the image submitted, the image must fit inside these dimensions so, for example:

  • Any portrait image should be 1,050 pixels high

  • Any square image should be 1,050 pixels wide by 1,050 pixels high

  • Any landscape or letterbox image should be 1,400 pixels wide

Images should be submitted in sRGB and 8 bits per channel.

All images should be submitted as high quality jpegs and named in accordance with the naming guidelines.

Guidance for preparing and naming DPIs is provided in the links below.  To return to this page, select the small home button.

DPIs entries for competitions and appraisals should be submitted by email to the club email address admin@backwellcameraclub.club.  Keep an eye on the members news page for opening and closing dates for entries.