With effect from the start of 2017 all quarterly competitions are being replaced by Quarterly Image Appraisal Evenings. Your images will be appraised by an experienced photographer and, if necessary, some guidance given as to how the image may be further improved.The evening is open to prints and DPIs (digitally projected images).  DPIs will be shown during the first half of the evening and prints in the second half.

The evening is open to both DPI`s and prints. DPI`s will be shown in the first half of the evening and the prints in the second half. The prints will be displayed during the interval so everyone can have a look at them before they are appraised. This should help mitigate the viewing issues of prints. We ask that you respect the anonymity of the author by not looking at the rear of the print during this time.

Images will be appraised on their individual merit and not against each other. There will be no winners or losers!

In an effort to allow sufficient time for the images to be considered properly, the number of images in each section will be limited to a manageable number. To this end the following submission rules are necessary:-

Each member may submit up to three prints and three DPI`s for each Appraisal. However, it may not be possible to show all three images in any section and will depend on the number submitted overall by the membership.   Below are the rules for submission:

It is not necessary to give your image a title, in fact it is to be discouraged!

Numbering of DPIs will as per current Club Rules for the submission of images for competitions (see website), with the addition of your order of priority in the file name. Previously an image named Tree by John Smith would have been given the file name Tree_John Smith. Now it should be named 01_Tree_John Smith or 02_Tree_John Smith or 03_Tree_John Smith depending on your order of priority. If your image is not titled (which is preferred) then it would be 01_John Smith etc.

DPIs should be submitted by email on or before the published submission date for each appraisal to

For prints, please add 01,02,03 etc by your name on the rear of the print (again no title preferred). This may be added in pencil. Please note that there is no separation between colour and mono.  Digital copies are not normally required, but from time to time they may be specifically requested.  If digital copies of prints are requested, the files should be named like the following example: 01_Tree_John Smith_Print and submitted by email on or before the submission date to  Where digital copies are requested the print version of the image will be the only one subject to appraisal.

Images not selected for one Appraisal may be entered in a subsequent Appraisal. If only a proportion of number 02 or 03 images are selected, then priority will be given to those authors who images were not appraised, in subsequent Appraisal Evenings.

This is a new venture for both the organisers and entrants and whilst we have tried to think of all eventualities, there may be some issues which occur in the light of experience. We will attempt to address these as appropriate. Any observations you have will be considered as we go forward. There will be a review towards the end of the year.