The Living World Competition is not subject to the restrictions of the normally accepted rules for “nature” that apply in many other competitions and as such alterations are permitted.


It was the favourite subject matter of Sheila Briggs, a founder member of Backwell Camera Club, who donated the trophy. The Sheila Briggs Trophy is for colour DPIs only.


The Dick Drake Challenge Cup is for prints only (either monochrome or colour). Dick Drake, also a founder member of the club, was the first Chairman.


To clarify the criteria:

  • The subject has to be living, ie no stuffed animals

  • The image can portray a living creature within a larger scene or a small macro part

  • Living things include but are not necessarily restricted to: animals, birds, plants, flowers, grasses, trees, fungi, fish and other sea creatures, reptiles, organisms

  • Cloning out distractions is permitted

  • Subjects do not have to be pin sharp, but can show movement where appropriate

  • Animals can be wild, in a zoo, pets, working animals, farm animals, or other domestic creatures

  • Birds can be wild, on feeders, in captivity, part of flocks or murmurations

  • Humans can be part of the image, but must not form the main subject, eg jockeys, ploughmen, shepherds

  • A pure landscape or seascape is not in keeping with the subject matter, but a living subject within a landscape or seascape could be – such as cows in a field, ploughing, murmurations, horse trials

Members may enter a maximum of two prints plus two DPIs. 


The competition is judged by an external judge - check the programme for the hand in date.

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