The Travel Group will be meeting again on the fourth Tuesdays of October, November, January, February, March and April at Cleeve Village Hall on the A370 at 7.30 pm.

All members of the main club are very welcome to come along and enjoy our evenings which will be covering a wide range of both venues and type of holidays.

Just as an encouragement, the programme for this period will be: -


October 22nd

  1. David and Eileen Bax will be “Chasing the Monsoon”

  2. Exploring Shetland from Richard and Anne Pring


November 26

Something special. An African Evening

Bob and Val Cheshire, and Neil and Dee Marshall travelled together for an African holiday. Tonight, we will be able to compare their individual impressions of the trip.




















January 28th

  1. Lake Turkana – A Journey to the Jade Sea. Expect another adventurous and individual presentation from Grete.


  2. Majorca – Roy Akrill will no doubt find some more unusual aspects of the island.


February 25th

  1. Dave Callister will be exploring some Gardens of Normandy


  2. Malcolm Flintoff will describe Canberra and it’s surroundings


March 24th

  1. A visit to Costa Rica with Ken Hunt


  2. TBA


April 28th



Come along, enjoy the evenings and possibly get some ideas of new places to visit (or avoid!!).


​Travel starts when you close your front door, so local places are just as interesting as far flung shores. Don't worry if you haven't been anywhere recently. Why not dust off your older slides? We have had some extremely interesting trips back in time.

For those wishing to participate and show some images, maybe for the first time, we will be there with help and advice. We will be willing to put images together as a presentation or give tuition for members unfamiliar with the software used by the club. Presentations can be from 10 to 40 mins but there are no hard and fast rules we just want to enjoy the experiences. All this will of course be usefully for preparing images for “Club” competition participation.

If you are interested in joining the group for these and other journeys, contact Richard on 01275 876488 or Neil on 01275 463016 or use the contact form linked below.


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